Dec. 14, 2022

On the 14th December of 2022, the Engineering Students Association in partnership with Zutari Consulting Engineers organized a talk with student engineers from the University of Nairobi. The theme of the talk was centered around Impact Engineering and how to apply creative technologies in engineering design.

We were graced by the presence of three consulting engineers from Zutari Consulting Engineers. Engineer Kelvin from the field of electrical engineering, Engineer Fred from the field of mechanical engineering and Engineer Michael from the field of civil engineering. One of the lecturers was also in attendance, Mr.Muthomi Munyua from the Civil and Construction Engineering Department and gave remarks in regards to the same.

Engineer Kelvin did a well thought presentation on the journey to becoming an engineer. He went through the career progression of engineers and highlighted some of the common challenges engineers face in the field. He went ahead to clarify the role of the engineer on site and placed emphasis on the need for engineers to be ethical in their practice.

Engineer Michael did an elaborate presentation on Engineering design and Construction Supervision. He took the student engineers through the entire engineering design process from idea conception to design construction and implementation. He also further elaborated the role of supervision of site activities by the engineer and the need to make sure that other stakeholders in the sector are responsible for the success of the project.

Engineer Fred took the time to paint a whole new perspective on the use of technology in engineering. He pointed out that software such as AutoCad are quickly becoming obsolete and placed emphasis on Building Information Modelling which had the capability to take input from multiple disciplines and use the data collected to generate a three dimensional model of the project being undertaken. He also went through other newer technologies that are currently being employed to aid the engineer in his work.